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FSU Kellogg Building Study

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Florida State University
Architects Lewis + Whitlock
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The Kellogg Building, built in the 1960s as a research and laboratory building, sits near the east gate of the FSU campus. The building was originally built for the Psychology Department and designed to house / test animals. It has been used as surge space for the better part of 6 years and currently houses multiple small groups and random University functions. Since the renovation of Eppes Hall in 2015 for the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, the adjacent Kellogg Building has been considered a viable expansion opportunity for this growing College.

Florida State University commissioned Architects Lewis + Whitlock (ALW) to complete a design study to develop a phased approach to the remodeling of the Kellogg Building for the use by the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice. These efforts investigated the viability of repurposing the Kellogg Building. Southern Standard was able to provide opinion of project cost and schedule for the phased renovation and expansion.