Southern Standard Construction

Our Team

Our purpose is to make the construction process fun, simple, and stress-free for our clients.

Southern Standard Construction stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in our industry. We are certain that you will find our folks demonstrate the quality and character of people you want to know and trust.

We are seasoned professionals who know how to build, and like to have fun along the way, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience.

President and Founder

Wayne Mayo

“I’m grateful to work along-side such an incredibly motivated and talented team of construction professionals. I enjoy collaborating, unpacking ideas, and delivering creative and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Bringing people together to achieve common goals is the is the most rewarding part of my job.”

Coffee: Black. It’s roughly 70-73% of my daily consumption.

Vice President of Operations

Vanessa Anderson

“With more than 20 years of construction management under my belt, I’m excited to join a team of such skilled professionals that are passionate about delivering quality projects to clients that exceed their expectations.”

Coffee: I am more of a mocha person. But I do have a grinder for special coffee.

Chief Financial Officer

Brittany Maxwell

“I grew up in construction and I have always loved the people working in the industry. They are authentic, work hard, goal oriented and know how to have fun. Now I get to combine that with my experience/knowledge in construction accounting & auditing to help a growing company implement systems to fit that growth.”

Coffee: I love to start my day with coffee. I enjoy the warmth, smell, taste and how it helps my focus. Plus the aroma reminds me of my childhood.

Business Strategy & Development

Jaworski Vance

“I’m a builder of people and communities. I love working for Southern Standard Construction, because that’s what we do.”

Coffee: No coffee for me, just tea please.

Project Manager

Jonathan Hatfield

“I’m glad to join the Southern Standard team where I can ensure quality in the field from everyone from the sub-contractor teams through my service as a project manager. Making sure that each detail in the field is constructed per the plans and specifications is key in delivering successful projects.”

Coffee: Only in the winter.

Office Engineer

April O’Neill

“I love my job because I play a part in making dreams come true and making someone happy. I love people.  I love the excitement of seeing a design go from “nothing” to something awesome. The day-to-day activities on the jobsite, meeting the subcontractors and owners… Building a lasting relationship that goes beyond customer/owner relationships. When you see the final product of the building it gives you a since of pride to know that you had a part in making someone desires come to life.”

Coffee:  I love it. It is a must-have in the morning for me to start my day and be productive. Coffee Save Lives


Jason Knapp

“After more than 20 years of construction management experience, I know the importance of setting the standards for quality in a project up front. I enjoy leading our field team and working with all sub-contractors to deliver all projects on-time and with the highest level of detail to our clients.”

Coffee: With honey & creamer.


CR Schram

“I am excited to be part of an experienced team that is all working toward the same goal – successfully completing projects.  I love turning blank spaces into beautiful environments that exceed the clients’ expectations, as well as watching buildings grow from the ground up.  Driving by after completion of the project gives me great satisfaction knowing that we made that happen!”

Coffee: Nope no coffee for me, can’t even stand the smell!  Dr. Pepper for me.


Robert Nix

“Helping each client reach their goals with each project is one of the most rewarding parts of working with Southern Standard as a project manager. I’m committed to working with each client, sub-contractor and team member to ensure a project sees success through each step to completion.”

Coffee: Yes. My blood is mostly coffee.  With just a little bit of sugar.

Project Manager & Superintendent

Rob Peterson


Paul Boyle

“I’ve spend more than 40 years in construction, and I know the most important thing on a project is safety and control of our work environment.”

Coffee: I only drink de-caf, black.

Senior Superintendent

Roger Barineau

“Construction can be frustrating or rewarding – depending on your attitude. I get a lot of satisfaction in being able to take a set of drawings into the field, start at ground level to build a project and watch it develop through different stages of construction, and know at the end that I have done my best. The one item I get the most satisfaction from is being able to solve problems.”

Coffee: one when I wake up, and then one for the road.

Director of Communications

Cari Kelly

“I enjoy the entire construction process –  I find it fascinating to watch an entire structure being built.  All of our team members and subcontractors take great pride in what we have worked so hard to create.   It’s very gratifying to see the beautiful completion of a project.”

Coffee: I need my coffee strong and sweet, and immediately when I wake up in the morning.

Risk Manager

Tom Inserra

“I am excited to be able to get back involved in construction. I will put my experience to work for our clients and I will ensure a safe and smooth project through careful planning and collaboration with the entire team.”

Coffee: Oh yes, with a little sugar and cream.