Saving Graduation

The Southern Standard team, along with the Jackson School District Facility Maintenance Staff, worked diligently together to ensure the Marianna High School bleachers were ready in time for high school graduation in 2019.  SSC was under contract with Jackson County School Board for repairs to the athletic fields that were damaged during Hurricane Michael. When graduation time came for Marianna High School in May 2019, JCSB experienced a challenge to install new bleachers at Bulldog Stadium in time.  After sharing this challenge with SSC President, Wayne Mayo, our team pitched in to help meet their deadline.

“I think the most rewarding part about that, too, was being able to work with their maintenance crew, because it wasn’t just us.  We have a great group of guys and girls who work with us, but we were there just to supplement the staff that the school district already had committed to getting that work done. There was just no way that five or six facilities maintenance staff could have done that in three days. So we were able to double the workforce and get it done in two and a half days.”

“We had some long days, late nights, and working under the lights – but that wasn’t just us, we had some hard-working folks at the facility’s department.  We just followed their lead and enjoyed working with them. We brought lunch every day and ate together, took a break in the shade where we could find some.”

We are grateful for the many new friends we have made throughout the project.